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Allah stated in Quran, “We created you in pairs.”

The term, online rishta in Pakistan, sometimes seems to convey negative connotations. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic where most of the people strictly believe in Islam. They believe in marriages that are highly inspired from the values of Islam. Recently, the opening of online matrimonial sites throughout the country has given rise to the ultimate popularity and trust of these matrimonial sites.

The most obvious reason behind the opening of online marriage websites in Pakistan is to facilitate every common citizen of Pakistan. These matrimonial sites are encouraging people by giving an opportunity of free registration. These marriage sites are highly concerned with the moral, ethical and religious values of all religions to avoid any unpleasant Incident.

One of the sites, named as Rishtay Expert, writes on the site’s wall that its main intention behind the opening of online rishta in Pakistan is to bring happiness in the common people’s lives. Starting with the name of Allah, who is the most Merciful and Caring, Rishtay Expert firmly believes its mission is to relieve the minds of people by helping them in finding true soul partners. Most of the concerned matrimonial sites working in Pakistan or outside work on the same principle of providing tight security measures so that customers’ bio-data remain in the check and no one from outside can steal this data.

Rishtay Expert is a registered organization that conducts matching and offers free matrimonial services in Pakistan. We are dedicated to assisting people particularly parents in finding a suitable match for their sons and daughters. We first opened our doors in 2001 and have since helped a large number of people.

Online marriage sites in Pakistan are growing with the passage of time. It is growing rapidly because most matrimonial sites give ultimate freedom to their customers in their choices and support their likes and dislikes in a very secure way. The ultimate freedom in choices and desires of the customers has taken these matrimonial sites as favorite places of most of the individuals living inside or outside Pakistan. Thus, we can argue that marriage sites in Pakistan have a promising future.

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Rishtay Expert is a prominent Matrimonial service provider for Pakistanis worldwide to solve the problem of finding a match in the safest, cost-effective and easy way possible. On this online marriage platform your ideal life mate profile is now waiting for you. Thousands of Muslims have found their soul mate from Rishtay Expert platform. We are one of the largest and most reputable Pakistani Muslim matrimony site.

We are backed by a team of gifted matchmakers and others working hard to create an exceptional solution to assist our candidates. By identifying and pre-screening matches for you, our personalized matchmaker will alleviate all of your problems. In addition, you will receive feedback and recommendations which will save your time and effort. Our quick matchmaking service in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and other cities will locate and present possible matches based on your specified selection criteria using a combination of technology and classic matchmaking instincts.

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Join Rishtay Expert now to get the best matrimonial service for you to find best rishta in Pakistan. Confidentiality and privacy are values we hold and to which we are obligated. It implies that we will never share your personal information or documents with a third party without your permission. Therefore, you should feel secure enrolling for free with us as we do our best to help you discover marriage proposals.

Our mega branch is in Karachi but our services are nationwide and worldwide since 2001. The best matrimonial service provider in Pakistan which provides 100 per cent genuine proposals. Every person can use our online matrimony website for free. There aren’t any charges for registering or using our matching website. To register on the Free Pakistani Rishta Website, go to the Register option in the menu, fill in your information and upload a nice photo. It takes 24 to 48 hours for your account to be approved. So please utilize it with integrity and decency to locate your life companion.

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Rishtay Expert is a Marriage Bureau in Pakistan that offers a free and paid service named Personalized Matchmaking. Send your entire data, Rishta requirement and photos to the following Whatsapp numbers to hire a consultant from the best matchmaker service provider in Pakistan to work on your proposal directly to find out best rishta in Pakistan. Your information will be completely secure. We’ll be delighted to hear from you and our staff is eager to assist you in any way we can. You can contact on following numbers:

Mrs. Salman (Senior Manager)
Mrs. Zeeshan (Consultant)

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