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Elite Matrimonial service is unique service that most of the well-known matrimonial sites provide for their elite customers. We know that our society has been divided into two categories of rich and poor. Elite in our society is a class of people who are considered to be millionaires, Doctors, Engineers, Business tycoons and so on. Elite Matrimonial service is a unique type of service that is particularly added for those elite families who want to get married into some other influential families like them. There are some common elite services that most of well-reported matrimonial sites provide to their elite customers.

  • Services for elite people are highly confidential. It does not mean that other services for common people are not protected. They are also confidential but cases of elite members are always taken into consideration by one of the best and highly influential managers from the matrimonial site. 
  • Expert from the matrimonial site will helping you in finding a correct match for your marriage.
  • A responsible manager from the site will be available at your service 24/7.
  • These matrimonial sites will provide you an authentic and reliable list of the elite proposals.

We know that elite class has its own cultural, moral and ethical values. They are always considered the most expensive and respectful class of every society. These elite take great privileges for their duties and demand such type of privileges in societal life as well. We know that there are so many matrimonial sites which offer elite services to the desired people but Rishtay Expert is the best and more economical than all other marriage sites. Rishtay Expert provides all these elite services from Billionaires, Medical Doctors, Official Ambassadors, High Diplomats, CSS officers and Business tycoons. We can rely on Rishtay Expert for such elite services because they will provide all these unique services within an economical budget.

We are delighted to inform you that we also offer Elite Matrimonial service for Elite Class. Rishtay Expert has been working since 2001 to provide the best proposals for all Muslims and overseas. Elite Matrimonial service is especially for an Elite class including billionaires, celebrities, overseas, doctors, royal family, high officials, diplomats, bureaucrats and business tycoons. In the Elite Matrimonial service, we have highly qualified and well established proposals. As Elite Class has its values and customs, so they want proposals according to their status.

Finding a proposal that meets your status and all your requirements becomes difficult but once you contact Rishtay Expert, this task becomes easy as we have various proposals for the Elite class. If you are on the criteria for the Elite class, then contact us, and we will provide you with the perfect proposal for you. Send us your details on the Wattsapp number mentioned below or register on our website for the Elite class and we would be pleased to help you. This service is a paid premium service. Only high-class individuals should contact for this service.

Proposals in Elite Matrimonial include

Billionaire Proposals

If you want to marry an affluent billionaire family and you meet their criteria, then contact us, and we will find a suitable proposal for you. There are different criteria like liberals, highly qualified people, and the status that meets Elite Class’s standards in Billionaire Proposals. Most of the Billionaire Proposals are business owners. We at Rishtay expert are working since 2001 to provide Elite class individual’s best soulmates.



Rishtay Expert’s Elite matrimonial service is the right place for models, celebrities, the fashion sector, and showbiz individuals looking for a soulmate. These days it isn’t easy to find the best partner for anyone, but our Elite matrimonial service has made this task the easiest for all. We can assist you if you are looking for gorgeous, well-educated and down-to-earth celebrities.


High Officials

We also have proposals for high officials such as Doctors, Government Officers, CSS Officers, Military Officers and Highly Qualified Professionals. In today’s time, people mostly prefer government jobs due to salary packages and other benefits. If you are an officer and want to marry high officials or an officer, contact us at the website. Register yourself and then our dedicated matchmakers will do the remaining work for you and inform you of the best proposal possible.



Rishtay Expert is a Pakistani Muslim Matrimony Website for Pakistani people nationwide or abroad. Our matchmakers have overseas proposals who earn more than 2 lac per month. Most of the overseas Pakistanis have European, Canadian or American nationality. We provide services to overseas Pakistanis in Dubai, London, America, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Germany, England and many other countries.

Having foreign nationality offers you many benefits. So, if you are overseas or looking for an overseas proposal, you have come to the right place. Rishtay Expert cares for Muslim values as its Muslim Matrimony website. So, you don’t have to worry we will offer you a proposal which best suits your values and customs. Other benefits includes: